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This destination allows visitors to closely experience the lifestyles of local communities, gleaning happiness from cilturally and environmentally responsible travel. examples of green travel.

Destinations in Sukhothai

Do a bicycle tour in Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park.

Make morning food offerings to monks at the famous “Merit Bridge”.

Painting on designs or molding traditional Sangkhalok ceramic ware.

Cloth weaving and pattern making with porcupine quills.

Cook local food and sweets in a cooking class.

Crafting Buddha image amulet.

Crafting KraThong in Sukhothai the origin of Loi KraThong Festival. 

Home-stay in a green and sustainable conservation local village at Ban Na Ton Chan. Known for its excellent local wisdom product: mud-fermented cloths and its slow-lifestyle.

Craftsmanship Sukhothai gold- and silversmiths ateliers await to be visited.

Hiking to the top for camping on Khao Luang Mountain. Overlook Sukhothai from a bird-eye-perspective.

Get hands-on at Organic Agriculture Project, Sukhothai Airport.

Visit occasionally Mini Light and Sound events in the Sukhothai Historical Park at night.

Dress in ancient Thai customs and stroll at night in Sukhothai Loi KraThong and Candle Festival, which is held in November.


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