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Sriwilai Sukhothai

Sriwilai Sukhothai was built on top of virgin land overlooking the endless rice fields and natural landscape of countryside Thailand. Its conception began with the notion of, bringing to life, the Prosperity-Serenity-Romance the Sukhothai – Lanna era praised upon. We express prosperity through the resorts nostalgic architecture reflecting the Sukhothai – Lanna era and the archaeological site – Wat Chedi Sung.

Sukhothai is the first and most prosperous era in Thai history. Back in the days, people had freedom in trade and cultural traditions. Serenity is conveyed through the resorts tranquil and serene surroundings.

Romance is expressed through the design and lighting of our guest rooms, spa and swimming pool area. Sriwilai was designed with the sentiment of harmony, unifying man and nature, enabling our guests to immerse themselves in the time of kings and poets.

We support the local community and businesses by sourcing local products ranging from textiles, potteries, local ingredients, and hiring local musicians/artists for events and ceremonies.

Sriwilai Sukhothai promotes Green Hospitality. We have strict policies and practices ensuring our carbon footprint is reduced. The use of plastic bags is limited. We have installed solar panels to heat our water.

Our waste water system purifies water, prior to use for watering plants. The infinity pool and kids pool use an ECOsmarte system; a Zero-chlorine system that is safe, and creates no harmful by-products for people or the environment.


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Sukhothai Province was home to the first kingdom of Thai people more than 700 years ago. The word “Sukhothai” comes from two words, “Suk + Uthai” meaning “Dawn of Happiness”. And Si Satchanalai, which is well known by Thai and foreign people